Given these strange times we are currently living in and as Covid-19 continues,  we no longer will be booking people through emails. We have a VERY strict protocol for all clients and it is absolutely essential that we talk to everyone directly, to go over all details for a safe and relaxed experience, not only ourselves, but for each and everyone of you.

Miss Marty will address all the "need to know" at the time of booking via telephone, so if you email us, Please leave your phone number.

In the meantime, be assured that Ashanta Morris, Lauren Gott, (hair and makeup) and myself are doing everything up to code, and beyond, to ensure everyone's safety.  

We want to stay safe, and we also want you to be safe and healthy.

Be aware for anyone who is an "anti-masker", Dana Patrick Photography is not the team for you.

It is my greatest desire that you guys continue to live your lives and prosper but also to be respectful of everyone's safety. 



Dana Patrick